Introducing Clix Token
Introducing Clix Token
A global cryptocurrency for all Paid to Click websites built on top of the powerful and proven Ethereum Blockchain.

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What is CLIX Token?

CLIX Token

CLIX Token is a fully transparent and decentralized ERC20 token built on top of the Ethereum network.
You can earn, spend or trade CLIX Token on any Paid to Click website that supports it.

Think of CLIX Token as a single global cryptocurrency for all Paid to Click websites and future PTC related decentralized applications (dapps).


As a PTC website owner you can use CLIX Token to reward your users, purchase advertising packages or simply trade amongst friends and business partners.


As a PTC website user you can earn CLIX Token as a reward for viewing advertisements and completing offers on all Paid to Click websites that support our token.


CLIX Token utilizes the power of Blockchain technology to add a layer of transparency and trust to Paid to Click websites never seen before.


Everyone knows that decentralized apps (dapps) on the Blockchain are the future. CLIX Token will be used as a global cryptocurrency for all PTC related dapps in the future.

Why use CLIX Token?

The Paid to Click industry consists of hundreds of websites. Each of those websites have at least one thing in common:

They all utilize some form of a points incentive system to reward their users for various tasks. For example viewing advertisements or completing surveys.

This traditional model has two main problems:

1) You can only use your reward points on the same website you earned them.
2) The value of each reward point can vary greatly between PTC websites.

Not only does CLIX Token offer a modern solution to these, as well as many other problems the industry is currently facing, it can also help prevent SCAM websites from forming.

This is possible thanks to the Blockchain techology. With every token transaction permanently recorded in a public ledger, it becomes very difficult for fraudulent PTC websites to operate.

  Main Benefits

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Main Benefits

Key features that make CLIX Token a real game changer within the PTC industry

Transparency & Trust

Transparency & Trust

When you use CLIX token to reward your users instead of centralized e-currencies or points, you add a layer of transparency and trust to your website never seen before in the Paid to Click industry.

New Opportunities

New Opportunities

CLIX Token can also be a workaround to promoting various non-incentive campaigns currently unavailable to you and because of the high popularity of cryptocurrency tokens in general you will attract a much wider audience than before.

Transparency & Trust

Single Value

Unlike your regular reward points, the value of CLIX token is determined by the principles of supply and demand. Therefore it has roughly the same value throughout the network of PTC sites that use it.

New Opportunities


Because every token transaction is permanently stored in a public ledger known as the Blockchain it becomes more difficult for fraudulent PTC websites to operate. It becomes impossible for users to post fake payment proofs online because every token transaction is easily verifiable.

Meet the team

People behind the project


Frank Petser

CEO & Lead Developer

Frank launched his own PTC website Cash Clicks more than 11 years ago after previously working on various websites for about two years. He is also the author of GPT Handbook.


Alessio Mercurio

Developer, tester

Alessio has worked his whole life as a computer technician and developer. He entered the crypto world 3 years ago and started studying Blockchain technology. He is a full time trader since 2017.


Remy Berrevoets

Head of marketing

Remy has been in the industry for more than a decade and is part of the Multi Money Group alongside big names such as DonkeyMails, JillsClickCorner and PlanetTraffic just to name a few.

Specifications & Distribution

CLIX Token will be distributed privately to Paid to Click website owners with the initial batch being free of charge. This is to help website owners get started and fill their reserves.

Total supply
Total distributed
Developer's reward


Q4 2017

Market research, development of the website and whitepaper.

Q1 2018

Begin work with Blockchain developers to build the underlying Smart Contract for CLIX Token.

Q2 2018

CLIX Token launched on TestNet. Ongoing development of the Smart Contract's functionality. Bug testing.

Q3 2018

CLIX Token launched on MainNet. Start negotiations with PTC owners, distribution of free CLIX Token.

Q4 2018

CLIX Token supported by various PTC websites. Users can now earn CLIX Token by working on PTC websites that support it.

Q1 2019

CLIX Token goes live on the first cryptocurrency exchangers.

How to get CLIX Token?

In order to get CLIX Token you have to either be a PTC website owner or simply view ads and complete offers on a PTC website that already supports our token.

PTC Owners

Simply fill in the CLIX Token request form. We will need your full name, website's URL, Ethereum address to whitelist and a brief description about you, your goals and how long have you been in the business for.

We will then review your application and add your Ethereum address to our whitelist. Once approved you can simply send our Smart Contract 0 ETH (you cover only the Gas price for miners) and it will send you back 10,000 CLIX for free.

Please note that the free 10,000 CLIX will be sent only once to every PTC website owner who shows interest in our token. This is to fill the initial reserve and get you started distributing CLIX to your users as soon as possible. Afterwards the Smart Contract will sell you CLIX Token at the rate of 10,000 CLIX / 1 ETH.

PTC Users

If you are a PTC website user (the clicker) then the only way for you to receive CLIX Token is to either launch your own PTC website and submit the form or an easier way would be to simply ask your favorite PTC website to consider joining us in our quest for making the Paid to Click industry better, stronger and less, well, scammy.

We are working on a prototype of a decentralized Paid to Click service but there is currently no time frame as to when this will be ready.